Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OK some Aussie christmas stuff

I was listening in the car over the last week, to Bucko and Champs Aussie Christmas. Man how I love those CDs. In particular there are a couple of songs that all Australians should know. I can't put the song on the blog, but I hope Bucko and Champs won't mind if I quote some lyrics here just for my own indulgence and to encourage other Aussies to seek them out. You can find these CDS at online stores or in shopping centres. Most of the tunes are funny and lighthearted but there's some Aussie traditional carols like Carol of the Birds and North Wind. My favourites though were penned by Colin Buchanan, and Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion. And need I say it the tunes are as beautiful as the lyrics. Seek these songs out. They should become classics.

Who could fail to be touched by this song, that has seen the obligatory christmas bush, sometimes the only shrub in the yards of cottages across Sydney through the years.

O Christmas Bush

She remembers how the Christmas Bush
She planted from a cutting took
In that sunny little corner of the yard
It was touch and go for a year or two
But with love and care the bush pulled through
And every December her blossoms come to life...

O Christmas Bush
O Christmas Bush
Your beauty lights the summer
And ushers in this special time of year
O Christmas Bush
O Christmas Bush
Every little flower
is there to tell us
Christmas time is here

That little bush became a tree
And they became a family
The children played beneath her in the shade
The years slipped by, they grew to learn
That children grow and seasons turn
They cut a little blossom
And wait for Christmas morn....


Cicadas and a hot north breeze
New buds on the christmas trees
Pink and orange set to burst
Across a sunburnt land...


And the following one, which has a particularly uplifting chorus

Merry Christmas Everywhere

Merry Christmas in the Gulf
At Weipa and Karumba
Seasons Greetings Nhulunbuy
And to everyone down under

Merry Christmas in the centre
Out in Namatjira country
Seasons Greetings Yuendemu
May the desert wind blow gently

Every blessing for the year
May the ones you love be near
Merry Christmas everywhere

Merry Christmas in the Mountains
Peace to Thredbo and Khancoban
Across the high and lofty plains
Joy to all who see the snow gums


Merry Christmas everywhere
May the peace of God be with you
Children of the Southern Cross
May the Christmas spirit guide you

Chorus: repeat

and for some fun here's a bucko and champs chrissy medley

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