Friday, August 21, 2009

Just because it's beautiful

This is zig zag wattle. A well grown zig zag wattle is among one of the most beautiful wattles. I planted this one after seeing a magnificent specimen in full bloom at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens. Acacias are usually very fast growing but not generally long lived. That fabulous large shrub at Mt Annan is gone, but not forgotten by anyone who got to see it.
My zig zag wattle had an old Willow Tree fall on it. Badly damaged, it's still there and after a year or so of construction rather overgrown...but I think it's beyond help and I am looking for a replacement for it.

It is called zig zag wattle because the stem heads off in the opposite direction at each junction.
Wattles are interesting plants. They don't actually have leaves. What appear to be leaves are actually something called a phyllode.

The other interesting thing about wattles, is that they are nitrogen fixers, so they are good pioneer species. You can find wattles flowering at any time of year, but August and September is a riot of colour as the landscape lights up with the golden yellow blossoms. Some wattle has a wonderful fragrance. Some not much at all. Some people are allergic to wattle. I bless my good fortune that I am not. It is a heavenly scent to me.

And this is an unusual Grevillea. Its name escapes me at the moment but the abundant delicate white flowers smell like custard. It's also nice and prickley so it's great cover for small birds.. like the Superb Fairy Wrens that frequent my garden.

It's great living near Mt Annan Botanic Garden. As it is the native plant garden for the RBGS you can find all sorts of unusual native garden gems in the plant sales area there.

This is Grevillea "Winpara Gem"

And this is Grevillea "apricot charm"

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