Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our European trip plan

We are off on an epic trip. Hopefully not the trip of a lifetime, but certainly the longest and most ambitious trip we've taken so far. The destinations are my choice. Hubby is largely a  passenger. Here's hoping we don't get too homesick. Here's a summary of the trip outline.
At the most basic:
1 night Norwich
3 nights Aylsham, Norfolk
2 nights Stamford, Lincolnshire
9 nights London
5 nights Amsterdam
5 nights Paris
4 nights - tour with Bartletts Battlefield Journeys
1 night Ramsgate
1 night Royal Tunbridge Wells
2 nights Brighton
1 night Salisbury
2 nights Stoughton Cross, Somerset
1 night Bath.

We are looking forward to so many things it's hard to pick anticipated highlights but certainly Anzac Day at Villers Brettoneaux and visiting the battlefields will certainly be up there and seeing the tulips at Keukenhof. Various palaces and stately homes and the Mall and of course places of family origin will all be very special I'm sure.

There's a lot we still won't have time for even though we've taken 6 weeks. The Cotswolds and Blenheim, as well as Oxford will have to wait for a hoped for next time which we intend will involve a circle up to Scotland and back down through the area around Ironbridge Gorge and back in to Heathrow via the Cotswold.

Only a week and a half to go until we fly out so we're just in the final stages of checking the luggage and clearing the notebook memory to make room for photos. Our driving play list has been supplemented with some appropriate theme music that reflects the various place's we'll be visiting.

I can't believe departure time has come around so quickly!

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