Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Scotland Adventure

We're off to Scotland at last after a year or so of being homebodies and barely even a day trip!
This is the plan in summary, arrived at after literally years of agonising what to include this time:

6 nights Edinburgh
2 nights Kinross
2 nights Aberdeen
1 night St Combs
2 nights Carrbridge
1 night Inverness
2 nights Loch Torridon
3 nights Isle of Skye
4 nights Isle of Mull
3 nights Cumnock (Dumfries House Lodge)
5 nights Glasgow
3 nights London
1 night Portsmouth
2 nights Tetbury

I guess if I had to describe our focus it would be history, culture, nature and family origins. Oh, and food. It's really going to be a case of Snodge and Hubby eat their way around Scotland! Let's hope we get enough exercise to offset the indulgence on that front.
We've tried to pace ourselves a bit and we've had to skip a couple of things we were going to do because they added even more time on our feet and hubby has a sore foot. The foot issue might make us relax a bit more than we would usually opt for, but perhaps that's a good thing.
So with that I'd best get on with it and learn how to lock our new 4 wheel suitcases and run the vaccuum over etc before we head for the airport.
It's hard to believe this day is finally here.

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gclarkew said...

Dont forget to have a deep fried Mars Bar for me. Geoff wouldnt let me have one and I want to know your opinion. Thanking you in advance. :) Love and hugs Gaylexx