Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 1 - The Plan and Off to Adelaide

Hubby and I are taking a short break to Adelaide to visit his stepmother. We're going to kill several birds with one stone and spend a couple of days in the Adelaide Hills and 4 nights on Kangaroo Island while we're in the area. Because time is short we have opted to fly over, frequent flyer points getting us a pretty good deal with Qantas.
Movie options on the plane included Argo and a number of other recent releases.  It’s a fine line for what is viewable within the time available. I toy with watching a shorter period drama, but in the end just strike out boldly and have a look at Argo. Hubby takes a conservative approach and makes a start on Woody Allen before changing his mind.  I think he’d forgotten to allow for the taxiing and waiting to get off etc in his calculation. I got to the end, but Hubby didn’t.

Off the plane I feel some alarm when the Europcar counter is closed in the baggage claim area, but it is just a matter of heading over to their office in the car park where we collect our Camry and have a laugh with the lady serving us. Michael was being a grumpy old man about manual cars. Quite bizarre because he made this booking and its an Auto...  Tom Tom couldn’t find a signal until we got out under the open sky and we headed off.  I chastise myself for not thinking of taking photos at the aiport. I couldn't on the plane because I'd stowed the camera in the overhead locker and figured it wasn't worth disrupting the woman in the aisle seat.  Completely forgot in the terminal too and now the darn thing is is the boot. Pulling over to retrieve the camera I take some insurances shots before we move away again.  Our route to Paralowie wanders around via detours through industrial areas, along the construction zone for a “Southern Superway”.  I fuss about with the various setting options and I’m too late figuring out a mode that seems to work and miss a clear photo of this magical mystery tour of industrial Adelaide.
It’s only about a half hour drive or so to Step-mum's place. As we did last time we were here we searched up and down the street trying to find the address.  Finally arrived. Hubby gets a quick tour and we talk until quite late viewing photos of the grandchildren and Daughter1's wedding. It's great to be off again on a new adventure.

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