Friday, March 29, 2013

Sunrise at Mrs Macquarie's Point

Hi to all,
this is just a quick post to show the times and transitions of sunrise over Sydney at the moment. We arrived at Mrs Macquarie's Point at about 6.30 because the websites were saying first light at 6.38. First light on the horizon was however half an hour earlier. We had to collect our son from Coogee and he has extensive ocean views from his street (not to mention his unit) and really I would have liked to be in position at Mrs Macs Point by then which was 6.09 (soon to be 5.09). We got to Mrs Macs at about 6.30 am and quickly fired off a couple of shots (my camera is a Panasonic DMC-TZ30). Clearly I am far from an expert photographer, but hopefully this will give you an idea of conditions at the time.
Taken at abt 6.33 am daylight savings time
Also taken at 6.33 am daylight savings time

Obviously the above two shots are looking to the west from Mrs Macquaries Point.  I also like the views to the east over Garden Island. I'm a bit partial to the huge hammer crane... so couldn't resist these.. indeed I think I rather neglected the Opera House etc in order to get the crane silhouette!

Taken at abt 6.36 daylight savings time using the night shots setting.
Taken at abt 6.39 daylight savings time, ISO800 (ie night shot setting)
You can see in this shot taken at 6.39 it's getting very light very quickly.
Taken at abt 6.41 daylight savings time.

Taken at 6.59 am daylight savings time using sunset setting
Taken at 7.14 daylight savings time, using the landscape setting on the camera.
By 7.14 (soon to be 6.14) it's all over bar the shouting. There was a bit of cloud out on the eastern horizon, so we didn't hang about to see whether a beam of light would shine on the sails... really just trying to get an indication of how the light was in the pre-sunrise period. 7.14 we were able to take all sorts of photographs as we would in normal daylight.

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